Florida Keys Community College

Information For Students, Faculty, and Staff – Updated 9.22.17

The College re-opening schedule is as follows:

  • All Classes Resume Monday, October 2, 2017
  • All Faculty and Staff Return Thursday, September 28 at their normal starting time.
  • All Lagoon Landing Residents may begin returning Thursday, September 28 at 6 pm.

Employees with specific questions should contact their supervisors.  All others should visit this website or our Facebook page for any other updates that become available.  Please note: FKCC’s phone lines are currently not in operation.  Email is the best means of communication while telephones are being restored.

Information For Students, Faculty, and Staff – Updated 9.18.17

The FKCC Key West Campus remains very active with Recovery Activities. Response crews are working at a rapid pace to prepare for students, faculty, and staff to return. Current work consists of repair two roofs, dry and dehumidify areas that received moisture, clean up downed trees and blown debris, and restore phone and information technology services.  Based on the progress of these activities, FKCC’s Leadership Team is working to establish the time for the College’s re-opening and to welcome students back on campus.  These activities must be completed before re-opening.

Students Have Asked . . .

Many students have submitted questions that we will begin to answer here with a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) listing. The questions and answers will be updated as necessary.


When will the College re-open?

The College’s Leadership works daily with the Recovery Teams to work toward reopening. Substantial work remains. While we don’t expect this to be an extended period, the exact date has not been determined.  We expect to be able to announce the date later this week.  When that date is confirmed, all students, faculty, and staff will be notified by email, an updated FKCC web announcement, and a phone call (if you provided your current number). Students will be given a minimum of 72-hour notice prior to re-opening.

When Can Students Return to Lagoon Landing?

The same protocol for re-opening the campus will be used for the return of Lagoon Landing residents.  An email, phone call, FKCC web update will announce at least 72-hours prior to the re-opening of the residence hall.

What is the Effect of Irma on the Semester?

FKCC plans to end the fall semester by the originally scheduled date.  The end date for fall semester “A” could be extended and the beginning date for fall semester “B” could be delayed; however, the semester end date for B & C should be the original date, December 8th.  Note: Restricted access programs such as Basic Law Enforcement and Nursing will be treated with exceptions.

I am on Track to Graduate in December. What now?

Don’t worry.  If you are successful in your fall coursework and have met all the requirements, you will graduate this December.

What if I am expecting a Financial Aid check?

Your financial aid information remained secure through the storm. Currently our IT systems required to process financial aid are down. When this infrastructure is re-established and College employees are allowed to return, financial aid with be dispersed.

Information For Students, Faculty, and Staff – Updated 9.15.17

Members of FKCC’s Leadership Team and the recovery contractor company are currently on the Key West Campus to assess and plan for the College’s re-opening.  You would be proud to know that your College is playing an important role in our community’s recovery. As you can see from photos on FKCC’s homepage, the College is now an operations post for FEMA and recovery activities.

There is power on the campus; however, the buildings are under evaluation to confirm safety. With FEMA operations and FKCC assessments happening concurrently, it would be challenging to also have classes right now. As the recovery progresses, plans for re-opening are the top priority.

The future is bright! Day-by-day the conditions improve and progress is being made to resume operations. Another update will be available on Monday when we can report on the weekend’s progress and improved conditions. While we don’t anticipate opening next week, we look forward to welcoming you back to campus soon.

Information For Students, Faculty, and Staff

Now that Hurricane Irma has passed and the work to restore and reopen the College and the Keys has begun, we wanted to create a place for FKCC to re-connect with students, faculty, and staff with post-Irma information.

You should know that members of FKCC’s Leadership Team are currently on the Key West Campus to assess and plan for the College’s re-opening.  You would be proud to know that your College is playing an important role.  The College’s Tennessee Williams Theatre is now an operations post for FEMA for the Lower Keys and Key West.  Day-by-day the conditions improve and progress is being made to resume operations.


Please click the appropriate link below and complete the form to let us know “how you are” and “where you.”  It is important that we stay in touch and have the means to provide you with the latest information.


When Will The College Re-open?

At this point, it is too early to be certain.  However, the College’s Leadership Team, along with County and State officials, are working tirelessly to re-open as soon as possible.  In the meantime, student should visit D2L for any available class information from your instructors.  The College with work with all students to address the challenges created by Irma.

For Up-To-The-Minute Information About The Keys Post-Irma From Monroe County Officials


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