FAQ’s for Enrollment Services
Academic Calendar
·         How do I find the Academic Calendar? 
o https://www.fkcc.edu/current-students/academiccalendar.da for semester dates, important deadlines and college closings.
·         How do I apply? 
·         What do I need for FL residency?
o    www.fkcc.edu/current-students/registrations-forms.da Click on the Florida Residency Documentation Information form.
·         Can you waive the $30 application fee? 
o   No.  The only times this fee is waived is for Dual Enrollment or a scheduled college event such as Spring Visitation Day that publicizes that it is an application fee waiver event.
·         Is there Financial Aid for the $30 application fee? 
o   No.
·         How do I get my student ID number? 
o   You must complete an FKCC application. If you already have applied to the college, log in to your student account to view your student ID number.
·         What are the definitions of an Independent student versus Dependent student? 
o   See the FKCC application for explanation.
·         Does my parent have to claim residency for me? 
o   Yes, if you are under age 24. For additional information on residency exceptions, see the FKCC application.
·         I am under 24 years old and my parents both live in (name of state other than Florida) but I have lived in Florida for a year.  Why can’t I be a Florida resident?   
o   Refer to definition of Independent versus Dependent student in the FKCC application.
·         May I update my application online? 
o   No, because the online application requires a $30 application fee to complete processing. As a returning student, you do not need to pay the $30 fee. Click on https://www.fkcc.edu/future-students/apply-now.da and download the hardcopy application. Update the form and provide updated Florida residency information.
o   Fax it to 305-292-5163 or scan and email it to Admissions@fkcc.edu
·         Do I need to pay an additional $30 fee to update my application? 
o   No. The fee is assessed one-time only.
Dual Enrollment (DE) and Home Schooled Students
·         Did you receive the fax that was sent on my behalf? 
o   Contact Enrollment Services.
·         May I send a personal fax to someone from FKCC? 
o   No. 
·         What is your fax #? 
o   305-292-5163
o   You may also scan and email required enrollment and residency documentation to admissions@fkcc.edu.
·         How do I get my grades?  See myFKCC Student Account.
·         How do I get my grade changed? 
o   Speak with your instructor who will need to complete a Report of Change of Grade and route it through the Provost Office.
·         How do I find my Grade Point Average (GPA) and how is it computed?  See myFKCC Student Account.
o   https://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displayloginYour unofficial transcript may be accessed through your student account. Your GPA is at the bottom of the transcript.
o   See the FKCC Course Catalog at for an explanation of how your GPA is computed.
·         My grade for a class is listed as NR.  What does that mean? 
o   An NR code means that the grade was not reported by the instructor. Contact the instructor for assistance. View the Student Handbook for additional grade code explanations.
·         How do I get an “I” changed? 
o   Contact your instructor who must complete the Report of Change of Grade form.
Graduation Application and Instructions
Independent Study
·         How do I get an Independent Study form? 
o   Contact the Provost to obtain the form and work with the instructor to complete it. Return the completed form to the Provost.
·         May I see my son/daughter/husband/wife’s grades? 
o   You must have a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) permission form on file.  See https://www.fkcc.edu/current-students/registrations-forms.da to access the form.
o   Student must give written permission.
Reinstatement of Courses after Being Voided
·         How do I get reinstated? 
o   Before the Drop/Add periods ends.
o   Contact the Business Office to pay a $25 reinstatement fee.
o   Contact Enrollment Services to be reinstated in courses that are still open for enrollment or to be added to the waitlist.
o   Contact the Business Office on the day you enroll to pay all fees.
o   After the Drop/Add period ends.
o   Contact the Business Office to pay a $25 reinstatement fee.
o   Contact the instructor(s) of the course(s) needed to obtain a signed instructor permission form to be reinstated to the course(s).
o   Bring the instructor permission form(s) to Enrollment Services to enroll.
o   Contact the Business Office on the day you enroll to pay all fees.
o   If you receive any Financial Aid, contact that office to ensure that your new balance will be paid.
·         How do I register for a course(s)?  See myFKCC Student Account.
o    Contact Continuing Education for non-credit courses.
·         How do I add, drop or withdraw from a course?
o   You may not drop, add or withdraw via phone.
o  Drop or add:
In person:
o    Go to Academic/Program Advisor for the form.
o   Complete the form in its entirety.
o   Academic/Program Advisor must sign and you must sign.
o   Return completed form to Enrollment Services by the drop/add deadline for the course.
o   See myFKCC Student Account athttps://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin
o  Withdraw:
In person:
             o   See the course instructor to discuss your reason for withdrawing.
             Instructor will complete the form.
             Instructor must sign and you must sign.
             Instructor must email the form to admissions@fkcc.edu.  Instructor may deliver the form in person to
                 Enrollment Services.  You are not permitted to submit the form via email or in person to Enrollment Services.
             You are not permitted to withdraw from a course online.
·         I dropped a course, but why is the course still showing on my bill? 
o   If the registration code is DC, and the credits are listed as zero, you have been dropped from the course.
o   If you did not drop the course within the drop/add period, you will be charged for the course. See the FKCC Course Catalog for refund rules www.fkcc.edu/skins/userfiles/file/Catalog/14-15/index.html#48
·         May I pay over the phone? 
o   Yes. Call the Business Office at 809-3186 or 809-3255.
·         Can you print me a copy of my schedule and or bill? 
o   See myFKCC Student Account at https://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin
·         Why can’t I register online? 
o   You may have holds on your account (click on View Holds), you may be trying to register before or after established registration dates (see academic calendar online), your account may need to be updated if you have not been an active student at FKCC for over one year. (Download the application at myfkcc, complete it and write at the top “Update.” Deliver or send to FKCC with your residency proof.)
·         What are the holds on my account? 
o   See myFKCC Student Account at https://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin. Click on View Holds.
·         What is a College Prep hold? 
o   You need additional coursework or have a testing requirement. Contact Student Advising at 305-809-3196 for guidance with next steps.
·         When does my course start? 
o    See myFKCC Student Account at https://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin
·         Where does my course meet? 
o    See myFKCC Student Account at https://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin
·         I went to class and no one showed up, what do I do? 
o    See myFKCC Student Account at https://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin to see if the course has been cancelled or the location changed.
·         How do I get my books?
o    Go to the FKCC web site.  If you do not receive Financial Aid, click on Current Students, Bookstore. If you are expecting a Financial Aid book voucher, click on Current Students, Financial Aid, Book Vouchers.
·         What is the last date I can register for a course? 
o   Last day of the drop/add period for the semester. Generally that is the end of the first week of classes. If you have a course start and end date that does not follow the Academic Calendar, see your instructor or Enrollment Services for dates.  See Academic Calendar at www.fkcc.edu/current-students/academiccalendar.da


Student Account
·         How do I log in to my student account?  See myFKCC Student Account.
o   https://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin. Enter your first and last name separated by a period as your User ID. Then enter your date of birth in the following format MMDDYY as your Password. You may change your password after your first-time entering your student account. If you cannot access your student account following these instructions, you may contact the technical help desk at 305-809-3135 for assistance.
·         How do I change my address/email/phone? 
o   See myFKCCC Student Account at https://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin
o   Go to the Student Information tab, My Account then Personal Information.
·         How do I change my name? 
o   https://www.fkcc.edu/current-students/registrations-forms.da. See Notice of Name Change form.
Student Advisors/Program Codes/Change of Major
·         Who is my student advisor and what is a program code? 
o   See https://www.fkcc.edu/current-students/registrations-forms.da. Go to the Program Codes and Advisors form. The program code indicates the major.
·         How do I change my major? 
o   See https://www.fkcc.edu/current-students/registrations-forms.da. See Change of Program Form. An Advisor signature is required to make this change.
Transient Students
·         I am a transient student, what do I do to get registered? 
o   You must apply to FKCC as a transient, non-degree seeking student (code 920). If your home college is in the Florida state college system, go to Florida Virtural Campus and complete the transient student entries. If your home college is not in the Florida state college system, you will need to obtain a transient form from your home college and submit it to FKCC for processing. You will not need to submit official transcripts to FKCC. Once your transient status has been approved, you may enroll online using your student account.
·         What is the timeframe to process the Florida Virtual Campus transient request? 
o   One business day if FKCC is the student’s home school.  As students are coming to FKCC from another college, there is a dependency on the home college for approval of the desired courses. Timeframe is dependent on that college’s schedule. The response is electronic at Florida Virtual Campus
·         How do I get proof of my GED to send to FKCC? 
o   Contact your state’s Department of Education and arrange to have that agency send proof directly to FKCC.    For the State of Florida, the number is 850-245-0449.
·         I am a former student and my student account is no longer active. Do I need to reactivate my account to get a student transcript?
o   No. See https://www.fkcc.edu/current-students/registrations-forms.da. Click on the Official Transcript Request Form.
·         How do I get an official transcript sent from FKCC to another college? 
o   See https://www.fkcc.edu/current-students/registrations-forms.da. Click on the Official Transcript Request Form.
·         How do I pay for an official transcript? 
o   Visit the Business Office in person with the completed form or include your credit or debit card information on the form.
·         Did you get my official transcript? 
o   Contact Enrollment Services.
·         Did you evaluate my official transcript? 
o   See your myFKCC Student Account at https://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin for FKCC email communication and results.
·         How long does it take FKCC to get a transcript from my previous school
o    It depends on the time-frame of that school and how it is transmitted to us.
·         How long does it take for FKCC to evaluate my transcript once it is received? 
o   Approximately 4 weeks. You will be notified via FKCC email. 
·         May I fax/ email my transcript to FKCC?
o   No.
·         I went to high school or post-secondary school in a foreign country. How do I get my transcript(s)? 
o   There are two foreign transcript service providers accepted by FKCC.  Choose the provider you want and direct that provider to translate and evaluate your foreign transcripts then send the results directly to Enrollment Services at FKCC.   These providers may be able to assist you with contact information from your previous schools.
1.        J.S. Silny http://www.jsilny.com/
2.       World Education Services (WES) http://www.wes.org/
·         How can I print a copy of my unofficial transcript
o    See your myFKCC Student Account at https://luminis1.fkcc.edu/cp/home/displaylogin.
·         My transcript does not have my test scores on it. What do I do? 
o   See Collegeboard.com.
Verification of Degree/Certification/Enrollment
·         How do I get written verification of my degree/certification? 
o   The requesting organization must fax your written permission/signature to Enrollment Services at 305-292-5163 to release this information
·         How do I get written verification of my current or past enrollment for insurance purposes? 
o   Provide the contact information of your requestor. If a loan deferment request or insurance company request, the provider often has a form. FKCC verifies enrollment on a term-by term basis.