Greigh Olson

Intern, Key West Aquarium
Spring 2016

“I’m so excited I was able to have this opportunity. Everything being hands on helps me learn better. I’m learning how everything fits together. I’m not just focusing on one component of taking care of animals. I’m taking care of plumbing, tanks, food, and everything else at a facility. I’m seeing and doing the things we read about in books, which is giving me a better understanding of the things I’ve learned so far. Sometimes, books make it harder to learn something because we can’t see what it actually looks like. I’ve truly enjoyed my time at the aquarium, and can’t wait to go back and see what new things I’ll learn next!

Since I started interning at the Key West Aquarium, I’ve learned quite a lot for only being there a short time. I’ve learned how to make the food for each animal and how to feed every animal. My favorite animal to feed is the octopus. We hand-feed it, and it is the most amazing thing! I also learned is how they monitor the water quality and correct it if it isn’t as it should be, and how to medicate tanks and animals as needed.  For example, if I medicated a shark on my first day.  So far, I’ve learned the names of all of the fish and rays at the aquarium and am currently working on sharks now. I’m also learning how to identify diseases and parasites on fish.  I’ve also learned about the system design that they have at the aquarium and about their quarantine procedures.

Even after all of that, I’m still learning more and have more yet to learn before my time here has ended. I will be learning more about plumbing, systems containing live coral, fragmenting coral, necropsies, and so much more.”