Welcome to Florida Keys Community College Advising Services! Our mission is to assist you in selecting the best courses to meet your educational, professional and personal goals.

Our Advising Services staff is here to serve you.  Please come to us with any questions regarding your educational goals or course schedule.

What is an academic advisor, and why do I need one? An Academic Advisor at FKCC is a trained professional who can help you plan your academic career. An advisor can explain FKCC and Florida State academic policies. An advisor can help you with FKCC procedures such as transient forms and the petition process. An advisor can answer your questions about FKCC and transferring to a university.

Do I need an appointment to meet with an academic advisor? It is recommended that you make an appointment to see an academic advisor. Please note, however, that at certain times of the year a large number of students may attempt to receive academic advisement at the same time.

*Note that the number of students seeking academic advising shows a dramatic increase during orientation and registration periods, so the wait time may be longer.

FKCC academic advisors can answer your questions. They can also teach you how to access your degree audit and other online academic resources.

Allied Health, Julie Kincaid, (305) 809-3544 or julie.kincaid@fkcc.edu
Associate in Arts-General Studies, Advising Services, (305) 809-3196 or advising.services@fkcc.edu
Appointment Hours: Monday & Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Wednesday 8:30 am-6:30 pm
Drop In Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Business Administration, Advising Services, (305) 809-3196 or advising.services@fkcc.edu
Computer Science, Steve Prettyman, (305) 809-3247 or steve.prettyman@fkcc.edu
Criminal Justice, Cathy Torres, (305) 809-3250 or cathy.torres@fkcc.edu
Culinary, Jorge Sanchez, (305) 809-3288 or jorge.sanchez1@fkcc.edu
Diving Business & Technology, Lucja Rice, (305) 809-3281 or lucja.rice@fkcc.edu
Marine Environmental, Dr. Mick Walsh, (305) 809-3205 or michelle.walsh@fkcc.edu