Registration and Registration Changes

Students are responsible for knowing and complying with any and all registration deadline dates.  Any activity a student conducts through their college student account indicates an agreement to the applicable terms and conditions. The student is responsible for all requests to change, add, drop, or withdraw course registration made through MyFKCC account or by an FKCC employee on student behalf. Students are responsible for reviewing their registration and academic record each term for accuracy.

Financial Liability Statement

By registering for courses, students understand that the college is advancing value to them in the form of education services, and that their right to register is expressly conditioned upon their agreement to pay institutional costs including, but not limited to, tuition, fees, books, and any additional costs, when those charges become due. It is the student’s responsibility to view and pay fees by established fee due deadlines posted on FKCC website and catalog. It is the student’s responsibility to pay student account balance in FKCC’s student portal referred to as “MyFKCC”, by credit (debit) card over the phone, or at the office of Business Services located at Key West main campus, Upper Keys Center, or Lower Keys Center.

Past due student account balance will result in a financial “hold,” which prevents future registrations as well as other services being offered in accordance with college policy. A delinquent student account balance may be reported to a credit bureau and/or referred to collection. By registering for courses, students agree to pay any cost associated with the collection of unpaid charges, including collection fees up to 30.0% of the total past due balance or reasonable attorney fees and court costs associated with the collection, including those incurred upon appeal. These conditions shall be governed by the laws of the state of Florida. Students consent to any court of competent jurisdiction in Monroe County, Florida exercising personal jurisdiction over them in any lawsuit brought by FKCC, or its agents, to collect any and all unpaid fees and other charges and assessments, regardless of Student’s domicile at the time of such action.

Financial Aid, Third Party, and Scholarships

Students are responsible for paying FKCC remaining student account balances due after financial aid awards, third party payments, and scholarship awards have been applied to student account by established fees due deadlines posted on FKCC website and catalog. Even though a third party is paying student tuition, student is responsible for making sure tuition is paid by established deadlines.  By submitting requests for financial aid, third party payments, and scholarships does not automatically extend established fees due deadline. If payments are not received by fees due deadline, a formal request to Business Services at is required for extension approval. Approval of extension of fees due deadline is contingent upon proper completion of paperwork and other extenuating circumstances.

Suspension of Services

FKCC will withhold grade reports, transcripts, diplomas, and other services if student fails to pay tuition, fees, books, and any additional costs or otherwise fail to abide by the provisions of this agreement.  FKCC will prevent student from further registration activity until all outstanding balances on student account and/or to third party vendors have been satisfied in full.

Change in Name, Address, or Phone Number

Students are responsible for updating FKCC records with any changes in name, address, or phone number within seven (7) days of any such change.  Personal information should be updated in person at Key West main campus, Upper Keys Center, or Lower Keys Center.


Emails from MyFKCC account are FKCC’s primary and official means of communication, and serve to provide the means for delivering the College’s official notices.  Students are responsible for reading the information and notices that are sent to through assigned FKCC email. FKCC and/or third parties may contact students regarding outstanding debt via FKCC email, regular mail, home and mobile phones.

Course Add/Drop and Withdrawal Procedures

Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal.  Notifying a professor does not constitute a withdrawal.  A student must sign a withdrawal signed by professor who will submit form to Enrollment Services for processing.  If a student enrolls in a course without successfully completing any and all required prerequisite courses, student will do so at their own discretion and liability.  The instructor has the right to withdraw a student from that course. Dropping or withdrawing from courses may affect student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standing as set forth by the U.S. government or other agency’s (i.e. Bright Futures). FKCC has the right at its discretion to cancel sections and reassign students.

If a student drops course(s) prior to the refund deadline, tuition and fees will be refunded in accordance with FKCC refund procedures. The drop period for a mini-semester course does not follow the standard term drop schedule and the student is responsible for requesting the drop date from the instructor.  If a student withdraws from course(s) after the refund deadline, they are financially obligated to pay for the total cost of the course.  Financial aid recipients that withdraw from course(s) will be subject to and responsible for repaying Return of Title IV Funds Calculation regulations and any other grant, third party, or scholarship funds pursuant to requirements i.e. Bright Futures.

Void for Non Payment

If a student does not pay student account balance by posted fees due deadline they may be dropped from course(s). By being dropped from course(s) students may not be able to re-register for the same courses unless there is a seat available. It is the student’s responsibility to for paying a reinstatement fee and other fees due the day of reinstatement for course registration(s).

Financial Responsibility – Online Application