Certificate: Rooms Division Operations

This technical certificate is a part of the Hospitality and Ecotourism Management AS Degree program and is designed to prepare students for immediate employment in the hospitality industry in the guest services area of hotels, resorts, and other hospitality and ecotourism related sites. The content includes but is not limited to coursework that prepares students for employment as supervisors and managers in the hotel/motel sectors of the hospitality industry. The courses in this certificate provide the skills required to work in operations and entry-level positions such as: Front Desk Supervisor or Guest Relations Supervisor. The courses offered in the Certificate Program provide the necessary prerequisites for the courses within the major for the Associate in Science degree.

Required Courses – 18 credit hours

  • HFT 1002, Intro to Hospitality and Tourism (3)
  • HFT 1410, Front Office Management (3)
  • MAN 1300, Intro to Human Resource Management (3)
  • HFT 1300, Managing Housekeeping Operations (3)
  • HFT 2600, Hospitality Law (3)
  • HFT 2500, Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism (3)

Electives – 1 credit hour

  • Suggested Electives:
    • BUL 2241, Business Law I (3)
    • ENT 1000, Entrepreneurship (3)
    • FOS 2201, Food Service Sanitation & Safety (3)
    • FSS 1203C, Quantity Food Production I (3)
    • FSS 1246C, Baking and Pastries I (3)
    • HFT 1300, Managing Housekeeping Operations (3)
    • HFT 2102, Sustainable Tourism Assessment & Development (3)
    • HFT 2276, Resort Management (3)
    • HFT 2590, Sustainable Tourism Destination Marketing (3)
    • HFT 2704, Ecotourism Management (3)
    • OCB 2071, Marine Ecology for Tourism Professionals (3)

The courses listed above are only a guide.  Following these tracks does not guarantee admission into a university.  Course requirements may change each year.  You are responsible and encouraged to work closely with your advisor. Some courses are offered night/online only every other year.For more information, contact the Office of Advising Services at 305-809-3196 or Andreea Mihalcea at 305-809-3236 or andreea.mihalcea@fkcc.edu.