Certificate: Marine Engineering (Marine Propulsion)

This program is designed for those students who want training in marine gasoline and diesel
engines without immediately pursuing the Associate in Applied Science degree. The certificate
is issued by the Marine Engineering Department and attests to the completion of the courses
outlined below. These courses may also apply to the A.A.S. degree in Marine Engineering if a
student later decides on that option. Program duration is approximately one (1) calendar year.

Core Requirements (15 credit hours)
MTE 1180C – Engine Installation and Repowering (3)
MTE 1400C – Applied Marine Electricity (3)
MTE 1651C – Marine Gas & Electric Welding (3)
MTE 2062C – Marine Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention (2)
MTE 2234C – Marine Gearcase, Outdrives and Transmission System (4)

Elective Requirements (Choose any courses below to equal 19 credits)
MTE 1000 – Marine Engineering Lab Safety (1)

Gasoline Engines (12 credit hours)
MTE 1053C – 2 & 4-Cycle Outboard Engine Repair & Maintenance (3)
MTE 1166C – Marine Ignition and Fuel Systems (3)
MTE 2072C – Marine Propulsion Gasoline Engine Troubleshooting (3)
MTE 2043C – Marine 4-Cycle Gasoline Engines (3)

Diesel Engines (12 credit hours)
MTE 1001C – Marine Diesel Engine Overhaul (3)
MTE 1042C – Marine Diesel Systems (3)
MTE 2058C – Diesel Engine Testing Troubleshooting Procedures (3)
MTE 2160C – Diesel Fuel Injection Systems (3)

Total Credits Required: 34

For more information, contact the Office of Advising Services at 305-809-3196 or Lana Sielski, Director of Marine Science & Technology, (305) 809-3214 or lana.sielski@fkcc.edu.