The Associate in Arts Degree University Transfer Plan:
Business Administration and Management


A Pathway To:

Advertising Executive
Customer Service Specialist
Human Resources Management
Human Resources Operations
Human Resources Specialist
Investment Banker
Marketing Researcher
Sales Manager

Transfer Institutions:

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida International University*
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
University of North Florida
University of South Florida*
University of West Florida


This is the largest career opportunity sector in the nation. New jobs continue to open in management, marketing, accounting, and financial management services. Salaries are expected to remain above average in all positions. This is a golden age for new venture formation: more small businesses are being created now than any other time in history. Students who can master management judgment, initiative, critical reasoning skills and communications ability will be in demand throughout their working lives. This program teaches the student to work in management in virtually ANY organization, whether in the private, public, or service sectors.

First Year:


Spring Hours
Summer Hours
ENC 1101, English Composition I 3 ENC 1102, English Composition II 3 Elective 3
MAC 1105, College Algebra 3 Physical Science 3 Elective 3
College Success Competency 3 Biological Science 3
CGS 1100, Computer Applications 3 Humanities/Fine Arts 3
Total: 12 Total: 12 Total: 6
Second Year:
 Fall Hours  Spring Hours
ACG 2021, Financial Accounting  3 ACG 2071, Managerial Accounting  3
STA 2023, Statistics  3 MAC 2233, Calculus for Business Majors  3
ECO 2013, Macroeconomics  3 ECO 2023, Microeconomics  3
Humanities/Fine Arts  3 Social Science  3
Elective 3 Elective 3
Total:  15 Total:  15
Overall total credit hours:       60
Suggested Electives: BUL 2241-Business Law I; BUL 2242-Business Law II; FIN 1001- Principles of Finance; GEB 1011- Intro to Business; MAN 2021 – Management Concepts; MAR 2011- Principles of Marketing; ENT 1000 Entrepreneurship

The Associate in Arts degree is designed primarily to meet the requirements for a student to transfer to the upper division level of college or university to continue to work toward a bachelor’s degree.

For undergraduate admission to a state university, students must have earned two years of sequential foreign language at the high school level, or complete (with passing grades) at least 8 semester hours at a previous college or university (as required by Florida Statute 240.233).

The courses listed on this sheet are only a guide. Following these tracks does not guarantee admission into a university. Course requirements may change each year. You are responsible and encouraged to work closely with your advisor.

For more information,  contact the Office of Advising Services at 305-809-3196 or Frank Wood at 305-809-3287.