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Distance Learning Overview



Florida Keys Community College serves Monroe County with a main campus on Key West and two additional centers in Marathon and Coral Shores. 




FKCC E-mail only

As of December 16, 2011, Desire2Learn e-mail will not be used.  You e-mail within Desire2Learn will be the same account as your FKCC e-mail.  If you have any problems logging in, please e-mail and the Distance Learning Department will correct any problems.  Your current password in D2L will not change. 


To login to your class using Desire2Learn (D2L) go to:

Type in your firstname.lastname in the login name space

Type in the last four digits of your social security number as your password

Click the Login button.

or watch the video below.

How to login to Desire2Learn

Alternate URL to login to Desire2Learn


Key West Campus
5901 College Road
Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 296-9081

Upper Keys Center at Coral Shores High School
PO Drawer 600
89951 US Highway 1
Tavernier, FL 33070
Phone: (305) 852-8007

Middle Keys Center at Marathon High School
900 Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon, FL 33050
Phone: (305) 743-2133

Florida students may take any class offered online by any Florida college.  To see a list of classes go to:

Logo for Florida Virtual Campus Online Course List


FKCC students: If you select a distance learning course that is offered by another Florida state school, you will need to apply to that school as a transient student.  Go to Florida Virtual Campus to enter your transient student request to learn if FKCC will accept the credits and apply them to your major.

Non-FKCC students: If you select a distance learning course at FKCC and are currently enrolled at another college, you will need to apply to FKCC as a transient student.  If your home school is a Florida state college, go to Florida Virtual Campus to enter your transient student request and learn if your home school will accept the credits.  If your home school is a private college, check with your home school student advisor to obtain the required documentation to exchange with FKCC.

All students under federal financial aid programs: Your financial aid will not be available for more than one college at a time.  Check your home school Financial Aid web site for information or contact your home school Financial Aid Office for assistance.


What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning Classes are classes where students and instructors are separated by location and/or time for 80% or more of the class contact time.
Hybrid Classes use the same resources as Distance Learning classes.  The difference is the amount of contact time between students and instructor.  Hybrid classes cannot use these resources to replace contact time more than 79% and not less than 30%.
Technology Enhanced Classes use the same resources but must have contact time of at least 71% of a traditional class contact time.
At FKCC, Distance Learning classes, Hybrid classes and Technology Enhanced classes can be delivered using any of the following resources:
College Learning Management System: Currently, FKCC is using Desire2Learn (D2L). This is an online resource where students and instructors work at their own pace.  There are mandated deadlines for completing work.
Video Conferencing rooms available at each campus: Video Conferencing rooms use telecommunications of audio and video to bring people who are at different sites together for a class. This can be as simple as a conversation between a few people in different locations to a full classroom at two or more sites.  FKCC has three rooms with one located on each campus.  Video Conferencing can share documents, show video and display computer presentations.
Web conferencing software: Currently FKCC is using WebEx.  Web Conferencing uses a computer, video camera, microphone and the Internet to conduct a live class between two or more participants.   These classes are synchronous and meet at the same time but students and instructors are in different locations. This software allows students and instructors to be at any computer connected to the Internet to participate.

Are you ready for Online Learning?  Click the link below to find out.

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