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AS: Marine Environmental Technology

Our Marine Environmental Technology Program is one of Florida Keys Community College's most exciting and challenging courses of study. The unique Keys environment provides students with a natural outdoor laboratory which is representative of actual work environments. In fact FKCC's location makes this degree program the only one of its kind in the country and puts students in the water during the first semester.

With An A.S. Degree in Marine Environmental Technology you can enter exciting careers in:

Technician Level Marine Research Pollution Investigation
Environmental Mitigation and Consulting Mariculture
Marine Aquarium Setup and Maintenance Ecotourism
Water Quality Assessment Environmental Surveys

In addition to learning to use technical equipment in chemical and biological monitoring, students learn research diving techniques and underwater photography to document their findings. Students also learn to prepare environmental impact reports and perform water quality assessments, as well as marine population surveys.

Technology in this field advances rapidly and new skills are always in demand. A steering committee comprised of employers in marine related industries makes sure that FKCC students learn the skills necessary to meet employers needs.

To learn more about the Marine Environmental Technology Program at FKCC, contact Dr. Patrick Rice at  (305) 809-3228.

 For complete course information view the Course Requirements .