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AS: Computer Information Technology


Why study computer science?

It's relevant. The use of computers and personal devices has exploded in recent years. They are a part of everything we do. The computer field drives innovation in many other fields including education, medicine, engineering, communications, and entertainment.

The AS Degree in Computer Information Technology is designed to prepare students for a job as an information technologist. The exponential growth in informational technology has impacted the business world profoundly. The classification of information as a major asset in the business world has become a universal practice. Organizations are constantly seeking qualified students with an information system major. The completion of the degree will lead to an entry-level position as a networking specialist, database developer, website designer, or junior system analyst.
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First Year:


Spring Hours
Summer Hours
ENC1101, Engilish Composition I 3 SPC1608, Introduction to Speech Communication 3 Any Course from Humanities/Fine Arts (Area I, Section B) 3
MAC1105, College Algebra 3 STA2023, Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3 Computer Science Elective 3
CGS1000C, Introduction to Computer Science 3 COP2800, Introduction to Java Programming 3    
CGS1100, Introduction to Computer Applications 3 CGS2820, Web Authoring HTML 3    
COP1000, Fundamentals of Programming 3        
Total: 15 Total: 12 Total: 6
Second Year:


Hours  Spring Hours    
CET1172C, Computer Upgrade & Repair  3 CET1174C, Advanced Computer Repair  3 Any course from Social/Behavioral Science (Area IV)  3
CGS2091, Professional Ethics and Social Issues in Computing  3 CNT1401, Principles of Information Security Assurance  3 Computer Science Elective  3
CGS2540, Introduction to Microcomputer Database Management  3 CIS2321, Systems Analysis and Design  3    
CGS1560, Computer Operating Systems  3 CNT1000, Introduction to Local Area and Computer Networking  3    
Total:  12 Total:  12 Total:  6
Overall total credit hours: 63
Suggested Electives: Any course from CGS, CIS, CNT, COP