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Student Types

First Time Students
Students who have never attended a previous college. They are required to submit an application for admission either via hardcopy or electronically and must pay the $30.00 application fee.

Transfer Students
Student who have previously attended a college or university. They are required to submit an application for admission either via hardcopy or electronically and must pay the $30.00 application fee.

Transient Students
Students seeking to enroll in courses at FKCC for transfer back to their home institution should request written permission each semester from their home institution.

International Students

FKCC has suspended processing of new F-1 visa applicants until further notice.

International applicants should contact FKCC's Designated School Official (DSO) for the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the Enrollment Services Office for more information at 305-809-3188. A downloadable packet of additional information and application materials is available at

International students must submit all required application materials to the Enrollment Services Office at least two months before the start of the term in which they wish to enroll. Those materials and requirements are:

  • A completed application for admission and non-refundable application fee ($50)
  • An international student supplemental data sheet
  • A Treatment Release Form
  • A medical clearance form
  • An international student statement of Finances
  • An official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) report indicating a score of 500 or above (OR 173 or above for the computer version), OR an ELS Academic Report showing completion of level 109 and a Certificate of Proficiency from an ELS Language Center. If you are on our campus, you may take the LOEP.
  • An official English translation and evaluation of transcripts
  • Proof of health insurance

High School Students
If you wish to take FKCC courses you must complete a Dual Enrollment Authorization Form for each course you wish to take. This form is available from your high school counselor, or contact the FKCC Office of Enrollment Services at (305) 809-3188 to find out more.

Home schooled students are required to complete the Dual Enrollment/Early Admissions Form for Home Schooled Students, available in the Office of Enrollment Services.

FKCC offers three high school enrollment options: Dual Enrollment, Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit, and Early Admission.

Students with Disabilities
Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities at (305) 809-3196.