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Video Conference Room

Classes that meet in the video conferencing rooms located one on each campus. 

These classes meet at a certain time and in one of the three available video conferencing rooms located on the three FKCC campuses.
Key West Campus
5901 College Road
Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 296-9081
Room C115



Middle Keys Center-Marathon High School
900 Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon, FL 33050
Phone: (305) 743-2133
Room 5211

Upper Keys Center-Coral Shores High School
PO Drawer 600
89951 US Highway 1
Tavernier, FL 33070
(305) 852-8007
Room 4-101E

You will go into a designated room on the campus of your choice.  Your instructor may be in the room with you or may be in one of the other two rooms.  If the instructor is in the room with you, you can see the other classes on the TV monitors.  You will also be able to see what is on the instructors computer.
If the instructor is not teaching from the room you are in, you will see the instructor on one monitor and what is on the instructors computer on the other. You will be able to communicate with your instructor and students in one of the other locations through microphones and speakers.  Your instructor will be able to see you on their TV monitor.
This enables FKCC to offer classes to all three locations even though there is only one instructor.  This method of instruction allows small groups to join a class.  This method means that FKCC will not need to cancel a class because of small size or lack of instructor.

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