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Budget Requests



The purpose of the Budget Planning Committee is to evaluate the College budget; including tuition and fees, and review college budgetary practices, processes, and procedures and make recommendations to the College’s Executive Council concerning planning and resource allocation.

The Budget Planning Committee meets as needed to formulate the College’s budget. While much of the College’s budget remains relatively constant from year to year, there are a number of changes, and the majority of changes are prioritized by the Budget Planning Committee. Each spring, every Unit in the College can submit requests for new monies to the Budget Planning Committee, and the Budget Planning Committee recommends to the Executive Council whether, and in what amount, each receives funding. The Budget Planning Committee also looks at broad campus issues that relate to the budget.

 Budget Committee Prioritization Rubric


  • Review annually the mission and goal statements of the College and ensure a link between College planning and resource allocation
  • Oversee and coordinate on an on-going basis the planning and allocation processes for the College and Units.
  • Analyze unexpected contingencies for College planning and budget impact.
  • Make recommendations for prioritization and disbursement of resource allocations to the various areas of the college.
  • Review proposals for grants or external funding that impact the future budgets of the College and make appropriate recommendations.

The Budget Planning Committee is chaired by the Executive Director of Finance and Information Services and consists of the following individuals:

  1. Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services
  2. Provost
  3. Dean of Student Affairs
  4. Director of Human Resources
  5. Director of Information Technology
  6. Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  7. Dean of Marine Sciences
  8. Dean of Nursing and Allied Health
  9. Dean of Arts and Sciences