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AA: Accounting

The Associate in Arts Degree University Transfer Plan: Accounting

A Pathway To:

Financial Broker
Internal Auditor
Tax Preparer

Transfer Institutions:

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Gulf Coast
Florida International University
Florida State Univerisity*
University of Central Florida
University of Florida*
University of North Florida
University of South Florida*
University of West Florida

First Year:


Spring Hours
Summer Hours
ENC 1101, English Composition I 3 ENC 1102, English Composition II 3 Elective* 3
College Mathematics 3 SPC 1608, Introduction to Speech Communication 3 Humanities 3
Social Science 3 STA 2023, Introduction to Probability & Statistics 3    
Computer Literacy 3 Physical Science 3    
Elective* 3 Elective* 3    
Total: 15 Total: 15 Total: 6
Second Year:


Hours  Spring Hours    
ACG 2021, Financial
 3 ACG 2071, Managerial Accounting  3    
Humanities  3 MAC 2233, Calculus for
Business Majors
ECO 2013, Macroeconomics  3 ECO 2023, Microeconomics  3    
Elective*  3 Social Science  3    
Total:  12 Total:  12    
Overall total credit hours:       60     
Suggested Electives: BUL 2241, Business Law I; BUL 2242, Business Law II; FIN 1001, Principles of Finance; MAN 2021, Management Concepts; MAR 2011, Principles of Marketing; SBM 2000, Small Business Management

The Associate in Arts degree is designed primarily to meet the requirements for a student to transfer to the upper division level of college or university to continue to work toward a bachelor's degree.

For undergraduate admission to a state university, students must have earned two years of sequential foreign language at the high school level, or complete (with passing grades) at least 8 semester hours at a previous college or university (as required by Florida Statute 240.233).

The courses listed on this sheet are only a guide. Following these tracks does not guarantee admission into a university. Course requirements may change each year. You are responsible and encouraged to work closely with your advisor.

For more information, contact the Office of Advising Services at 305-809-3196.