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Applied Technical Diploma

Emergency Medical Technician

The EMT-ATD class has been cancelled for 2015. Please keep checking back for a course in 2016. 

This program is designed for persons involved in emergency care of the sick and injured. EMT program participants have included firefighters, law enforcement officers, volunteer rescue personnel, lifeguards and those wishing to enter the EMS profession at hospitals and other health care agencies.

Graduates may find employment in agencies such as city/county EMS systems, private ambulance services, hospitals, clinics, physician/doctor offices, laboratories, dialysis centers, paid and/or volunteer fire departments, air ambulance services, home health care agencies, and hyperbaric chambers.

Students planning to complete EMS 1158C  must complete their information packets and a fingerprint criminal background check. In addition, a drug screen will be required. Certain arrests could prohibit a student from being able to continue in the program due to our affiliation contracts with the agencies where students will be obtaining their clinical experiences and State of Florida requirements. Admission into this program is the decision of the Program Coordinator and Dean. It is conditional on all necessary paperwork including the admission packet and medical information being completed. Falsification of any paperwork or medical information will be cause for dismissal as would behavior not considered professional. Please be advised the EMS workers may be subject to communicable diseases and work-related injuries. Students are expected to exhibit professional behavior while in class, lab, and clinical. The following will result in immediate dismissal from the program:

* Violation of patient confidentiality

*Drug or alcohol use during or prior to class or clinical

*Aggressive behavior or threats of harm

* Rudeness or disrespect to fellow students, faculty, or clinical site employees

*Rudeness or disrespect to patients, their families, or significant others


*Unsafe behavior

*Failure to notify instructor of a clinical absence

*Falsification of any medical records

*Failure to submit required paperwork

*Felony conviction while in program

No student will be allowed to go to clinical for the EMS 1158C course without completing the criminal background check, drug screen, and immunization requirements. There will be no exceptions. Students enrolled in this class and not meeting these requirements will be given a grade of "F" and dismissed from the program. Students must complete all clinical hours before the course end date. Incomplete cannot be given for this course or clinical times rescheduled. Classes and clinical hours for the EMT class are offered only at the Lower Keys (Key West campus).

“Notification of Social Security Number Collection and Usage:  “

Important Notice regarding Florida law by the Florida State legislature that is effective July 1, 2009: Whether this information affects your ability to take the EMT examination in the State of Florida is not determined by the EMS department @ FKCC. Those questions and other concerns related to any criminal background need to be addressed by the Department of Health EMT Board. However, clinical agencies/ health care institutions may have specific policies that could prohibit placement of certain students within their facilities for clinical hours.

Health care boards and the Department of Health shall refuse to issue license, certificate, or registration and shall refuse to admit a candidate for examination if the applicant has been:

1. Convicted or pleaded guilty or nolo contendre to a felony violation regardless of adjudication...unless the sentence and any probation or pleas ended more than 15 years prior to the application.

2. Terminated for cause from the Florida Medicaid program unless the applicant has been in good standing for the most recent 5 years.

3. Terminated for cause from any other State Medicaid Program or the Medicare Program unless the applicant was terminated more than at least 20 years prior to the date of the application and the applicant has been in good standing with the program for the most recent 5 years.

 Specific Department of Health Emergency Medical Technician information pursuant to legislative and statutory regulations can be obtained from the link listed below. We encourage you to visit their WEB site.


For complete course information view the Course Requirements

For State of Florida certification requirements and rules:

All EMT candidates must take and pass the State required examination. This exam is developed and administered by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).

For questions related to EMT certification exam date scheduling, requirements, or ADA accommodations:

NREMT Testing Services: 1-614-888-4484

For questions related to specific State of Florida requirements:

You must pass the Florida required examination within 1 year of course completion.