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Program / Unit Review

Program/Unit Review is an annual retrospective analysis of a program or unit. It is a structured process to collect, analyze, interpret and present data concerning a program or unit.

This process serves as a catalyst for clarifying a program’s or unit’s purpose, direction, size, need for resources, and professional development. 
·         For instructional programs, Program Review is a faculty document and demonstrates that the faculty bears the primary responsibility for curriculum.
·         For administrative and student services units, Unit Review is designed to guide the quality improvement of the services and support provided to students and the institution. 
How does Program/Unit Review contribute to Institutional Effectiveness?
Program/Unit Review is initiated during the fall semester, several months after the development of the annual unit plans (March) that go into effect on July 1st. Therefore, Program/Unit Review is completed halfway through the planning cycle, which encourages personnel to review both their assessed and current annual unit plans as well as institutional data to determine potential changes in priorities and budgetary needs. Program and Unit managers can either modify their current annual unit plans based on the findings and recommendations of the Program/Unit Review or integrate these recommendations into the annual unit plan for the upcoming year.