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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I login to the myFKCC Portal?

Please click here for step by step directions.
How do I find out myFKCC Portal User Name?
Go to myFKCC Portal and click on myFKCC UserName Lookup or click here and answer the information? 
How do I Reset my password?
Click on the link "Forgot Your Password?" and answer your security questions. If you need further help, contact the Information Technology HelpDesk at (305) 809-3135 to re-enable your User ID.
How do I find out about the Academic Calendar and Deadlines?
Please click here for more information.
How do I drop, add or withdraw from a Course?
See Academic Calendar for deadline to withdrawal and receive 100% refund. If your course does not follow published term start and end dates, you must consult with your instructor to request those dates.
In person:  
1.     Go to Academic/Program Advisor for the form.
2.     Complete form in entirety.
3.     Academic/Program Advisor must sign and you must sign.
4.     Return completed form to Enrollment Services by the drop/add deadline for the course.
By logging on to the myFKCC  Portal .
In person:
1.     Go to the course instructor to discuss your reason for withdrawing.
2.   Instructor will complete the form.
3.     Instructor must sign and you must sign.
4.     Instructor must email the form to  Instructor may deliver the form in person to Enrollment Services. You are not permitted to submit the form via email or in person to Enrollment Servies.
You are not permitted to withdraw from a course online.
How do I find my Final Grades?
Students may view their final grades by logging on to the myFKCC  Portal .Final grade reports will not be mailed out to students.
How do I find my Grade Point Average?
To rank individual students, scholastic attainment is computed in terms of the grade point average. This average is obtained by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total number of GPA hours attempted. The final grade point average required for graduation is computed based on the summation of all the courses shown on transcripts from all institutions attended. When a student repeats a course, the most recent grade will be used to determine the grade point average. It is the responsibility of the student to keep informed of the accumulation of credit hours and grade point average. This information may be requested from the Office of Enrollment Services or by logging on to myFKCC  Portal and checking  your unofficial transcripts. Your GPA is located at the bottom of the transcript.
How do I find out about Residency Information?
Please see page 30 of the Course Catalog
How do I locate my Student Personal Accounts?
By logging on to myFKCC  Portal  
How do I locate an official Transcript?
By going to FKCC Student Forms and clicking on Official Transcript Request.
How do I locate an unofficial Transcript?
By logging on to myFKCC  Portal
Where can I check my Financial Aid Status?
By logging on to myFKCC  Portal .
How can I apply for Financial Aid?
Click here for more information on Financial Aid.
How and where do I get books for my classes?
Required textbooks are listed on the class syllabi, on the University Books Online website, and in printable version here: (Summer 2011 Textbook List).
How and where do I get books for my classes?
You can purchase your books from our preferred vendor University Books Online by clicking here.
How do I pay my Tuition and Fees?
There are three ways a student can pay their Tuition and Fees.
1.     Pay online with a credit card through myFKCC  Portal .
2.     Pay via phone with a credit card.
3.     Pay in person at any one of our three locations in the keys.
Does FKCC have a tuition payment plan
Yes.  FKCC offers a very convenient Tuition Payment Plan please click here for more information. 
Where and what is the College Placement Test (CPT)?
You can find more information on the CPT and test dates by clicking here.
When is Orientation and who has to take it?
Click here for more information on Orientation.
How do I find out more information on Veterans Benefits?
Veterans Education: Florida Keys Community College is approved for the training of entitled veterans who can qualify for such training under current federal laws. Persons with military service are urged to investigate their educational rights. Contact the Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs Office at (305) 809-3523. 
Military Tuition Assistance: Active duty military personnel may be eligible to receive tuition assistance subsidized by the military. For full details students should contact their Military Education Office.
How do I receive accommodations for my disability?
The Disabled Student Services facilitates accommodations with faculty and staff, and serves as an information resource to promote awareness and knowledge of disabilities.  Follow these three steps to register with Disabled Student Services:
1.      SELF IDENTIFICATION - The student is responsible for self-identifying with the Disabled Student Services. This voluntary declaration is independent from the admissions process.
2.      DOCUMENTATION OF DISABILITY - Once contact has been made with Disabled Student Services, the student is required to provide current documentation from professionals who make such diagnoses.
3.      SERVICES CAN BEGIN - Once documentation is released to Disabled Student Services, services can begin.
For more information on Disabled Student Services click here.