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Computer Programmer

Certificates: Computer Programmer

A Pathway To:

Jr. Programmer


This certificate program is designed to provide students with the skills to work under the leadership of a senior professional, providing support through the design, development, implementation and maintenance of a company’s internally developed application services. For more information contact Dawn Ellis.

First Year:


Spring Hours
Summer Hours
COP1000, Fundamentals of Programming 3 ACG2021, Financial Accounting 3 Elective* 3
MAC1105, College Algebra 3 CGS1100, Introduction to Computer Applications 3 Elective* 3
CGS1000C, Introduction to Computer Science 3 COP2800, Introduction Java Programming 3    
GEB1011, Introduction to Business 3 CIS2321, Systems Analysis and Design 3    
CGS2540, Introduction to Microcomputer Database Management 3        
Total:  15 Total:  12 Total: 6
Overall total credit hours:    33   

The courses listed on this sheet are only a guide. Following these tracks does not guarantee admission into a university. Course requirements may change each year. You are responsible and encouraged to work closely with your advisor.


Nasa Olympionics

Be a part of a team that completes three NASA mini-challenges. Build a robotic vehicle, a hydro-powered rocket, and send an experiment up in a weather balloon. Each team member receives a $5000 stipend, awarded by the NASA Space Grant Consortium. The Olympionics will end with a competition at Kennedy Space Center. Want to be a member of the NASA Olympionic team?Download the flyer. Register for the webinar on November 13, 2014.