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Lois Wolfe Markham

Key West Sunset Dr. Lois Wolfe Markham
Faculty, English 
Marathon and Coral Shores Centers 
900 Sombrero Beach Blvd.
Marathon, Florida 33050
Phone: 305-743-2133 Marathon
              305-852-8007 Coral Shores
Curriculum Vitae


Ph. D. Comparative Studies, Florida Atlantic University (2008)
Comparative Disciplines: Literature and Linguistics
Dissertation: Toward a Pragmatics of Intent: Cognitive Approaches in Creative and Critical Writing
M.F.A., Creative Writing, Florida International University (2001)
Thesis novel: Roman Wells
B.L.S., Liberal Studies, Barry University (1994)

Educational Philosophy

My academic philosophy is grounded in the belief that education generates an essential, humanizing energy within the self and in a culture. I champion students’ writing and thinking by attending closely to their work on the page and their dynamic as a group. Even the most mundane communication lives in a profound space of risk, motivation and judgment when it’s given a selective context or form. I want to excite students about literatures and reading; surprise them with the number and caliber of ideas they have not yet articulated; help them effectively communicate information in sentences, paragraphs, essays, articles, short stories, poems and plays. I want students to know that writing is an activity made of parts which we can question, divide, multiply, add and subtract. Study of writing and literature offers students a diversity of thought and perception that allows them new ways of seeing the world they inhabit. I teach for the chance of growth and change, silent running, in a writer’s work. Writing and our imperfect practice of it are acts of consciousness which can be examined by others. Writing becomes us, so to speak.

Teaching & Scholarship

Summer 2012

  • ENC 1101  English Composition I
 Courses taught:


  • ENC 1101 English Composition I
  • ENC 1102 English Composition II / Introduction to Literature
  • LIT 2000 Introduction to Literature
  • AML 2020 American Literature
  • CRW 1001 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • CRW 2100 Beginning Fiction Writing
  • CRW 2200 Intermediate Fiction Writing
  • FIL 1001 Introduction to Understanding Film


Professional Activities & Affiliations

Modern Language Association

  • Panel Presentation, 2006

South Atlantic Modern Language Association

  • Secretary for Special Session on Postcolonial Literature 2005-2007


Creative writing

Mask of Night. New York: Doubleday, 1993.
The Schemers. New York: Bantam Books, 1991.


“Neruda’s Bells” and “Left in the Line.” Coastlines. Boca Raton: Florida Atlantic University, 2005.

 “Bawling Song.” Mid-American Review. XX. 1-2 (2000): 212.

 “Alone in the Orchard.” Write in Our Midst: An Anthology of South Florida
Writers. Selections from the 1992 Program, (1993) : 99.
Short Fiction
            “Trestle.” Coastlines. Florida Atlantic University. 2005
“Take of the Bark of the Root.” Mangrove Online. 1 (Summer 2005).
            Blue Horizon, play-in-progress. 20 March 2007. Key West: Waterfront Playhouse.  
Academic Writing
Critical Essays / Refereed
            “Imagined Community of Female Intellectuals: Mistral, Ocampo and
Castellanos.” Truth  to Power: Public Intellectuals In and Out of Acadademe
Ed. Silvia Nagy-Zekmi and Karyn Hollis. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge
Scholars Publishing, 2010.
            “Cognitive Mimetics and Ethical Aesthetics in Coetzee’s Foe.” J. M. Coetzee:         Critical Perspectives. Ed. Kailash C. Baral. New Delhi: Pencraft International,
            “Of Tragic Imperatives, a Moral Aesthetic and Cognitive Souls in Hamlet.”
Shakespeare and Renaissance Association Selected Papers, Vol. 26 (2003). 
Morgantown: West Virginia Shakespeare and Renaissance Association, West        Virginia University and Marshall University.
            Book of non-fiction
            South African Journeys: Reflections and Essays from the International       Partnership Conference. Co-editor Richard A. Donovan. New York: National
Center for Educational Alliances, 1999.  
Academic journals
            FACS Journal, Vol. 8-10. Boca Raton: Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies
Program, Florida Atlantic University, 2005-2007. 
            With Open Eyes: A Perspective From the Front Line. Exec. Ed. Castell Bryant. 
Miami: Miami-Dade Community College, 1996. 
Professional Writing
  1. Book reviews, The Miami Herald  1997-2005
  2. Grant writing and administration, Florida International University College of Education, 1998-2000

Current Projects & Interests

Development of:
  • Interdisciplinary strategies for composition curriculum
  • Cognitive approaches in teaching and learning
  • Creative writing opportunities for veterans
  • Cultural analysis of new media
  • Novel-in-progress 



Current Projects & Interests

Development of:
- Interdisciplinary strategies for composition curriculum
- Cognitive approaches in teaching and learning
- Creative writing opportunities for veterans
- Cultural analysis of new media
- Novel-in-progress