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Bone Island Swim Team

Bone Island Swim Club

Email-Coach:  Lori Bosco

                                                                               Ages 4 -18 divided by ability and age

Elementary Age Group
Beginner Jr. High
Beginner High School

Able to swim 100 yards-
(50 yards of front crawl & back crawl)        

Mon., Tues.,
& Thurs. 
4:30 pm-
5:30 pm

Jr. High Group

Able to swim 600 yards-
(200yds each of front crawl/back crawl/breast stroke) 
Mon. - Fri.
4:00 pm - 
5:30 pm
High School Group
 Same as Jr. High Group. 
Mon. - Fri.. 
3:15 pm -
5:30 pm

Cost:  $60 per month or $160 for 4 months per swimmer        Additonal:  $50 per year for USA membership   

 Swim Club registration form